Thursday, May 29, 2008

MySpace is spammer's heaven

So I've been actively exploring MySpace for a week or two now and I'm sick and tired of the spam.

On Facebook there are a lot of complaints from people (mainly marketers) that it is too easy to fall foul of the (unstated) rules and get yourself warned or booted off. Frankly, I've done some fairly hard core friend chasing and group inviting and never had a problem. I also appreciate the flip side - I rarely get anything approaching spam.

On MySpace I get one or two unknown women a day with very sparse profiles who say they are from the US but have exceptionally poor English skills who want to be my friend and have me add their yahoo email address to my IM. Yes, Susan, I believe you are from Boston and just looking for friends - Not! Just go away.

Then there are the people called "Make Money Now" or "Internet Marketing Secrets" who want to be my friend since I'm researching internet marketing and join groups dedicated to it. You can go away, too.

Of course, among all this are some sincere and friendly people. Just that the spammers are having a field day on MySpace, not so Facebook.

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